It is noble for a country such as Qatar to commit to hosing the 2022 World Cup. The benefits for hosting such a global event could help the country realize and re-establish its “flawed” economic and social structure.  Although the games will start in 8 years, the future host city is receiving exuberant amounts of bad press – one which highlight the countries corrupt political and social system. One could see this critique as an opportunity for Qatar to step-up to the challenge of proving itself to the world.

Below are 17 reasons why Business Insider thinks not:


A human rights agency estimates that 4,000 construction workers will die building World Cup-related infrastructure.

Including supporting infrastructure, it’s going to cost $200 billion – four times the amount Russia spent on the historically expensive Sochi Olympics – to stage the World Cup in Qatar.

FIFA’s own internal evaluation slammed Qatar before the vote.



The futuristic air-conditioned stadiums that Qatar promised to build aren’t actually possible.

Qatar is already reducing the number of stadiums it promised to build.

There are no World Cup-ready stadiums there.

Political Corruption

There are widespread bribery allegations. The 10-year-old daughter of a disgraced FIFA official who voted for Qatar reportedly received a $3.4 million payment a year after the vote.

Mohamed Bin Hammam, a Qatari FIFA vice president who has since been banned for life, allegedly gave out $5 million in bribes before and after the vote.

Another disgraced FIFA official, Jack Warner, was allegedly paid $2 million by a Qatari firm after voting for Qatar.


Allegedly using “modern-day slavery” to build the infrastructure.

Homosexuality is illegal there.


Entire cities that are necessary to host the event don’t exist yet.


It’s 120 degrees in summer so they’ll probably have to play the tournament in winter.

Playing it in winter will totally screw up the European leagues.

FIFA could have to renegotiate all the TV contracts.

The games will get drowned out by football in America.

They probably won’t sell beer in the stadiums.

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