Have you ever wondered what happens to Olympic and World Cup venues after all the energy, glamor, and enthusiasm has ended? While many hosts hope their investments live far beyond just the couple months of the games, sometimes it just doesn’t work out as planned…

1936 Olympics in Berlin

Single story dormitory halls for athletes in the 1936 Olympic village in Elstal, west of Berlin. The village, which housed over 4,000 athletes for the notorious 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, then under Nazi rule, was used as barracks for the German army shortly afterwards, and from 1945 as barracks for Russian officers, until the Russian army’s final withdrawal in 1992.

Amphitheatre in the Hindenburghaus (Hindenburg building) where functions and cultural shows were staged in the 1936 Olympic village in Elstal, west of Berlin.

An abandoned swimming pool in the Nazi Olympic Village in Elstal, west of Berlin.

Gymnasium, train station

1972 Olympics in Munich

Abandoned train station in Munich near the Olympic park.

1984 Olympics in Sarajevo

Abandoned bobsled track in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia (now Bosnia and Herzegovina).

2004 Olympics in Athens

Spectator stand is seen overlooking the disused slalom course at the canoe-kayak water park at the 2004 Olympic complex in the Hellenikon district of Athens, Greece.

Softball stadium in Athens. Greece has long been criticized over the paradox of spending excessive amounts of money for the construction the 2004 Athens Olympic Games venues and failing to utilize most of them after the completion of the Games. Now, at a time when the cash-stripped, indebted and crisis-hit country is trying to stay afloat, the need to develop such sites is stronger than ever

The gate to the Olympic taekwondo and handball arena is locked in southern Athens. The purpose-built arena has been occasionally used for non-sporting events since the Athens 2004 Olympics.

Abandoned training pool for athletes at the Olympic village on the northern fringes of Athens. After the Athens 2004 Games, the village was used as a worker housing project.

2008 Olympics in Beijing

The abandoned venue for the beach volleyball competition in Beijing, China.

The abandoned venue for the kayaking competition on the outskirts of Beijing, China.

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