In hindsight, South Africa was a fairly successful host to the World Cup in 2010. While the games themselves may have been a success, the country continues to face social inequality and extreme poverty. Below is a list of some of those South Africa’s struggles during (and after) the games.

1. People from the town of Tin Kan Town were re-located so they wouldn’t be seen by tourists.

2. Out of a population of 50 million, only 5 million were taxpayers.

3. Ranked 129th in the Human Development Index scale.

4. Life expectancy fell by 13 years

5. Urban poor were evicted and the homeless were sent off  to temporary relocation and transit camps.

6.  Anti-immigrant violence

7. Physical abuse and sexual violence continued to be a huge issue

9. Game tickets for purchase were limited to local fans due to price and accessibility.

10. Extreme marginalization

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